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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Shed News!

We get very excited about sheds here at Preston Montford as Adrian has mentioned previously...... 

"Sheds matter; they are the unsung heroes of additional storage capacity"

In order to meet the equipment needs of over 120 students doing fieldwork we need a lot of fieldwork equipment, and that means storage!

The shed is eased into position by Pete.
The bulk of our fieldwork equipment is split between one shed, three small bunkers, with more precious items stored inside in the warm and dry, and final shed (see, we like our sheds!) providing a home for all team building equipment.

Until recently these sheds occupied an area in the heart of the centre, between the Darwin and Wenlock buildings. However, plans to make better use of our yard area and improve public space led to them moving.......

......Now moving a 10' x 6' shed is not an easy business! Unless you have the help of your friendly neighboring farmer.

After some standing..... some looking at the shed...... a little bit of sucking air through our teeth..... and a cup of tea, a plan was hatched and Pete Roberts of Preston Montford Farm was called. 

The shed and bunkers in their new locations.
Getting the shed to a point where Pete could get it up on his lifting forks was a cross departmental operation with members of the Education, House, Maintenance teams, and even Adrian lending a hand.

It was then a case of standing back and watching as Pete raised it gracefully from the ground and delivered it to it's new home.

We are currently deciding what to use our new found space for..... watch this space!

Watch this space...........


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