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Monday, July 9, 2012

Lichen list for Preston Mntford

Lichens with FSC and British Lichen Society at Preston Montford

Mark Powell and his group identified 67 species of lichen on the FSC Preston Montford site on a single day course on June 23rd. 
Mark's report and list of species will appear on the FSC Preston Montford Website soon; http://www.field-studies-council.org/centres/prestonmontford/reports.aspx
To go with the article here are a couple of pictures of lichen on the bridge handrail and some bright yellow stuff on some old branches.

The footbridge with handrails

The large grey foliose species is Parmelia sulcata
The smaller, ciliate grey lichens are a mixture of Physcia adscendens and Physcia tenella which often grow together. 

There are some large brown foliose lichens which are one of the "camouflage lichens", in this case Melanelixia subaurifera.

A specimen of it spent several days hanging outside the International Space Station exposed to the high vacuum and other hostilities of space and resumed growth once safely back on Earth. N.B.This is a different specimen

Now I have a question...; Do lichens exist as species, if not what units are they organised into?
Answers in comment section of blog please. NO prizes but I will know more.

Adrian Pickles with acknowledgments to Mark Powell

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