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FSC Preston Montford has been an outdoor classroom since 1957 and is a Field Studies Council centre. We deliver curriculum related outdoor education by the experts; from pre-school to Masters level; for infants, school students, undergraduates and enquiring adults with an interest in the natural world. Courses for schools and individuals. A venue for others to use; with bed space for 130, catering facilities and 7 fully equipped teaching and meeting spaces.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Signs of Spring

An update on biological recording at Preston Montford by our education assistant Peter: 

"With our spring index, we are studying the phenology of the area in and around PMFC by recording our observations in our free time through out the day. These observations can range from when you first saw a Colt's foot flower to the first time a Bumblebee buzzed past your ear, there are many reoccuring natural phenomena to be observed around the centre if we take the time to look for it. It is also interesting to see if any of the dates on which we first make these observations vary at all from 'the norm' of years gone by, as in recent years this has been the case, which has provided evidence for climate change and it's negative impact on the wildlife that's around us. Studies have shown that spring is coming two weeks earlier than 30-50 years ago, and autumn about a week later. Furthermore, according to the Woodland Trust's study, caterpillars are responding to changed in temperature faster than the Blue tits that depend on them, which could mean birds struggling to feed their chicks. With our Spring Index and what we record on it, it will further raise the awareness of everyone who takes part, of the impacts of climate change."

Students, visiting staff and leisure learners can all get involved using our handy guides around centre and by finding more information online at http://www.naturescalendar.org.uk/survey/

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